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  • Welcome Yi-Xiu Chen (陳逸修) and Yu-Liang Hsiao (蕭宇良) to join us as Ph.D students.

  • Congratulations to Yi-Ting Lin (林怡亭), Jia-Yu Liu (劉家渝) and Yu-Liang Hsiao (蕭宇良) for graduating. Wish you all have a good future!

  • Welcome hai-chun Liao (廖海均), Chih-Yu Liu (劉智育) and Yu-Sin Liu (劉雨欣) to join us.

  • Welcome Ping-Che Lee (李秉哲), Po-Chung Lee (李柏中),Yi-Chen Ou (歐怡辰) and Rechard Huang (黃昱叡) to join us.

  • Congratulations to Chiao-Yen Wang (王喬彥), Zhe-Yong Gong (龔哲永), Nai-Yun Chang (張乃云), Liang-Ciao Yang (楊量喬) and Qi-Zhen Guo (郭啟祯) for graduating. Wish you all have a good future!

  • Welcome Jia-Yu Liu (劉家渝)Yi-Ting Lin,(林怡亭), Yu-Liang Hsiao (蕭宇良), to Join CP's Lab.
  • Farewell! Bo-Chang Chen (陳柏璋), Chi-Lin Tsai(蔡季霖), Yu-Lun Su (蘇宇倫), Gang-Hao Jhou(周堽豪), Jia-Jun Wu(伍家均), Kai-Wei Chou(周楷崴), Reza Rooydell. Wish you have the good future!
  • Welcome back! Jun-Han Huang(黃俊翰)Join us as the Postdoctoral researcher.
  • Welcome Zhe-Yong Gong (龔哲永), Nai-Yun Chang (張乃云), Liang-Ciao Yang (楊量喬), Qi-Zhen Guo (郭啟祯) to Join CP's Lab.
  • Congratulations to Bao-yu Chang (張寶玉) on passing MS Defense!
  • Congratulations to Shin-an Wang (王時安) on passing MS Defense!
  • Congratulations to Bo-Liang Peng (彭柏良) on passing MS Defense!
  • Welcome Chiao-Yen Wang (王喬彥) to Join CP's Lab.


Bulletin Board


The 2019 MRS Spring Meeting Chairs have selected our image “ZnO chips” as a finalist in the Science as Art competition. [see more information]


Postdoctoral Researcher Wanted”, accepting applications from Jan 28th to March 1st. [see more information]


Congratulations to Jia-Yu Liu for winning the excellent poster award in MRS poster competition. “Piezotronics Effect on Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting of Porous ZnO Nanorod Array”.


Congratulations to Prof. Liu for selected as fellow of Material Research Society Taiwan.


Congratulations to 乃云 for winning the excellent poster award in IUMRS poster competition. “Thermoelectric Properties of n-type Homologous Zinc Oxide Nanowire arrays and p-type Sb-doped Zinc Oxide Nanowire arrays”.


Congratulations to Prof. Liu & 勝傑 for Nano Energy paper accepted.“Piezoelectric effect on compensation of the quantum-confined Stark effect in InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells based green light-emitting diodes”. [link]


Congratulations to 明叡 for winning the honorable mention award in NCKU poster competition. “Study Of Self-healing Effect Of Silicon Nano Particles Mixed With Liquid Gallium Metal Using In The Anode Of Lithium-ion Battery”.


Congratulations to 尹瑋 & 奕錩 for SiLican團隊將赴美國矽谷 爭取國際創投青睞“NCKU-SVAA(Silicon Valley Alumni Angels) Incubation Program”.


Congratulations to 彥宇 for Nano Energy paper accepted.“Self-powered n-MgxZn1-xO/p-Si photodetector improved by alloying-enhanced piezopotential through piezo-phototronic effect”.


Congratulations to 超鴻 for Small paper accepted.“Effects of Free Carriers on Piezoelectric Nanogenerators and Piezotronic Devices Made of GaN Nanowire Arrays”.


Congratulations to 超鴻 for Advanced Energy Materials paper accepted.“Optimization of the Output Efficiency of GaN Nanowire Piezoelectric Nanogenerators by Tuning the Free Carrier Concentration”.


Congratulations to 尹瑋 for Advanced Materials paper accepted.“Electrically Conductive Ultrananocrystalline Diamond-Coated Natural Graphite-Copper Anode for New Long Life Lithium-Ion Battery”.